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There are many benefits to urban farms and community gardens, here are some of our favourites.

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Did you know that bees will fly up to 5km to find food?

On these missions they run the risk of exhaustion and death if they can’t find flowers along the way.


Cities can be great spots for bees as they’re free from the pesticides found on commercial farms, but often lack the flowers to fuel the long flight back to the hive. Our gardens will be bee-friendly havens, with plenty of pollen to go around.

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Transportation of food is one of the largest contributors to global emissions?

Although in NZ we grow a lot of food ourselves many of the fruit and veggies we buy in the supermarket are imported. Remember when Covid-19 related importing delays caused a tomato shortage?

This means that growing produce locally is not only wildly satisfying, it’s also helping to keep those emissions down. And it doesn't get more local than on your rooftop!


Did you know that in some regions wooden pallets account for up to 40% of timber production?

Wooden pallets are typically only kept in rotation for a year, then they are sent to the landfill. Once here, the chemicals they are treated with mean they take longer to break down. 

Kai in the Sky planter boxes are made from wooden pallets and plastic drums that are being thrown out.


Not only does each garden save hundreds of kilos of wood and plastic from landfill, but all our garden owners also make compost for their gardens with leftover food scraps from their kitchen.

Waste not, want not.

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